Traditional conveyor drives that use plastic sprockets on a square shaft have gaps and crevices prone to product build-up and bacterial harborage, and are difficult to clean. The VDG all-316 stainless steel SSV Sanitary Series drum motor is a sprocketless conveyor drive that makes continuous contact with the belt, eliminating foreign material contamination, and areas where bacteria harbor.

With the belt profile machined directly onto the 316-stainless steel drum, the SSV series drives modular, wire mesh, and monolithic thermoplastic belt conveyors without the use of sprockets. Featuring an IP69K sealing system that withstands up to 3,000 psi washdown pressure, the USDA approved SSV drum motor is the most sanitary drive solution for belt conveyor systems. Available from 4-inch to 8.5-inch diameter, 0.11 HP to 7.5 HP, and with belt profiles for a variety of belt manufacturers, including, Cambridge, Gates, Habasit, Intralox, Volta, and Wire Belt.


Reduce Washdown Time and Water Consumption

The innovative sprocketless SSV drum motor eliminates the gaps and crevices that exist on traditional conveyor drives that feature sprockets on a square shaft to drive modular style belt conveyors. With the belt profile machined directly onto the stainless steel drum, and all drive components enclosed inside, the SSV ensures there are no areas where food by-product may become trapped on the drive. With no space for by-product buildup, there is no risk of bacterial harborage, and both washdown time and water consumption are reduced by 50%.



Increase Plant Safety and Efficiency

All drive components of the SSV drum motor are enclosed inside the drum, eliminating the safety hazards of traditional external motor and gearbox conveyor drives, increasing the safety and mechanical efficiency of the overall conveyor system. Simplifying the conveyor system design, the VDG Drum Motor eliminates the need for an external motor and gearbox, while also eliminating the need for shafts, bearings, bearing mounts, oil pans, and grease pans, greatly reducing the maintenance requirement and footprint of each conveyor system.

Minimize Maintenance and Save Energy

Designed and manufactured in USA and Canada, each component is engineered for up to 80,000 hours of continuous operation before maintenance is required. With no maintenance cycles, no external moving components, and a 96% mechanical efficiency, the sprocketless SSV drum motor is a safe, efficient, and reliable way to power your conveyor system, increasing plant efficiency while reducing energy and water consumption. To learn more about the energy efficient design of the VDG Drum Motor, click here.



SSV Sanitary Series Drum Motor Overview


Diameter (inches) HP Range Drum Motor Series Dimensions Specifications
4.00 0.11 to 0.25 Hp TM100 PDF PDF
4.5 0.16 to 0.5 Hp TM113 PDF PDF
5.0 0.25 to 1.5 Hp TM127 PDF PDF
6.5 0.25 to 1.5 Hp TM160 PDF PDF
8.5 2.0 to 7.5 Hp TM215 PDF PDF