vdg drum motors

VDG designs and manufactures drum motors for belt conveyor applications since 1985. The VDG Drum Motor provides a safer, compact, and maintenance-free conveyor drive solution to power baggage handling conveyors. The IntelliDrive™ Drum Motor features a permanent magnet electric motor that requires 40% less energy than a standard induction motor, with variable belt speed without loss of torque or belt pull. 

All VDG Drum Motors are engineered and manufactured in-house in USA, Canada, and Netherlands using cutting-edge production technology, ensuring quality, fast delivery, and after sales support. With global representation and service centers, VDG offers customized solutions to a wide customer base.

drum motor cutaway

Check-in Counter - Low Noise Environment

Operating at lower noise levels than a traditional check-in baggage conveyor drive, the VDG Drum Motor is ideal for public spaces. With all drive components enclosed within the drum, including the electric motor, gear reducer, and hardened and ground helical gears, the VDG Drum Motor operates at a noise level of 46 decibels.



Maintenance Free

With all drive components enclosed inside the drum and designed for 80,000 hours of continuous operation before maintenance, the VDG Drum Motor eliminates maintenance cycles required by external drive components of traditional conveyor drives. The optional IronGrip™ lagging increases belt traction by 40%, improves belt tracking and reduces the wear of the belt, extending the service life of the lagging.

Space Optimized

The compact VDG Drum Motor is the most space efficient conveyor drive allowing for increased baggage system capacity within the same real estate footprint. In addition to space savings, hazards posed by an external motor and gearbox of a traditional conveyor drive are eliminated.

vdg drum motors