The VDG Drum Motor is an innovative one-component conveyor belt drive used for powering belt conveyors in all types of material handling conveyor applications such as food processing, mining and aggregate, airline baggage, warehousing, postal and parcel, among others.

All drive components of the drum motor, including the premium-efficiency electric motor, gear reducer and bearings, are enclosed and protected inside the drive drum. The electric motor and gears operate in a sealed oil bath ensuring proper lubrication. The electric motor is mechanically connected in-line to the gear reducer and operates at 96% mechanical efficiency, reducing energy consumption and costs.

  vdg drum motors

VDG Drum Motors are engineered for 80,000 hours of continuous operation before maintenance, reducing operational and maintenance costs. With all drive components enclosed inside the drum, the safety hazards of external conveyor belt drives are eliminated, increasing workforce safety. The one-component, maintenance-free VDG Drum Motor is a safe, efficient, and space-saving conveyor belt drive solution. Available in a wide range of diameter sizes, horsepower, belt speeds, and with industry-specific options and features to suit various belt conveyor applications.


Food, Beverage & Pharmaceutical

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Hygienic Conveyor Applications
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Unit & Material Handling

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Standard Series Drum Motors
General Conveyor Applications
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Bulk Handling & Processing

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Heavy & Extreme Conveyor Applications
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