Drum Motors Take a Grizzly Bite for Greater Safety, Efficiency

Van der Graaf will be the first to tell you that the typical drum motor design is nearing 40 years in use for powering conveyor belts across North America. But let NAM – and the VDG team – reintroduce you to this efficiency-saving, safer and more productive generation drum motor design.

The conveyor drive versus the drum motor: it may not be a question heard daily, but it is an important question to consider, particularly as aging infrastructure needs upgrades and new operations come online with availability and safety both being non-negotiable factors.

To make such a decision, it helps to have a full picture of the technology and its advantages, beginning with the highlights of the drum motor design and how VDG is working to make what might be old new again – and more versatile than ever – for mining and aggregates.

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