Sanitary, reliable drum motor drives success.

To meet customers’ requests while maintaining sanitation standards, AlaTrade leverages process efficiencies, cutting-edge technologies and superior customer service, which results in better quality, better yield and better response times for customers. To minimize downtime and reduce maintenance costs, AlaTrade employs a Van der Graaf drum motor to drive its conveyors. The company started working with Van der Graaf over a decade ago when it was looking to solve internal failures on conventional conveyors.

“Since then, we have seen the potential for us to limit our amount of downtime and create a safer work environment,” says Kevin W. Parnell, plant manager for Alatrade Foods LLC. “Being a player in the poultry industry, we believe food safety is—has to be—at the top of our priority list. Van der Graaf plays a huge role in us doing that.”

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