Van der Graaf Holds Drum Motor Seminars in Texas

Lepp talked about the company and its capabilities, and told attendees about the benefits of Van der Graaf drum motors. “There are many reasons why this is a superior product,” he said. “Beside the use of premium materials in the manufacture of these products, they are also very durable.”

Lepp touted other design benefits as well, including an increase in safety and space utilization, energy savings, and reduced maintenance and down time.

  • Premium materials – The drum motors are made of cast-iron internal components, although stainless steel options are available.
  • Safety and space utilization – The enclosed design eliminates safety hazards and increases operator safety. The compact design allows for more lines into less space.
  • Energy efficiency – “These drum motors are 20 to 35 percent more efficient than most standard external drives,” Lepp stated.
  • Reduced maintenance – The motor and gearbox are inside the head pulley, working in an oil bath. There is no need to for maintenance other than an oil change every 50,000 hours.

Company President Alex Kanarisspoke to the group further about energy efficiency and maintenance. “An oil change only requires only a non-detergent, synthetic oil,” he said. “It is a very simple task to change the oil.”

Seminar participants asked questions such as how easy it is to change a drive and if there are any special voltage requirements.

Van der Graaf also held prize drawings, giving away Bass gift cards, a Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Off Set Smoker/Grill and a Yeti Roadie Cooler. 

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