The VDG GrizzlyDrive® Drum Motor is a robust belt conveyor drive designed specifically to withstand the demands of mining and aggregate belt conveyors operating in harsh, abrasive, and dusty environments. All drive components are engineered and manufactured inhouse, in USA and Canada, using cutting edge production technology and automation. The motor, gear reducer, and all drive components are housed inside the drum, enclosed, and protected from the environment, and designed for 80,000 hours before maintenance, increasing lifespan, efficiency, and safety of the drive, while decreasing maintenance and operating costs.

The new patented IronGrip™ lagging system offered for the GrizzlyDrive®, increases traction, improves belt tracking, and extends the lifespan of the conveyor system. The GrizzlyDrive® drum motor has a lower cost of ownership, unparalleled performance, reliability, and longevity compared to traditional external conveyor drives. Available up to 500HP, 42-inch diameter, with a wide range of speeds, and options to suit various belt conveyor applications. In addition, the VDG Belt Cleaner incorporates a 1hp drum motor that easily installs under the belt and effectively removes residual materials from conveyor belts without wearing or damaging the belt.

 vdg drum motors

Lower Cost of Ownership

The GrizzlyDrive® drum motor reduces the cost of ownership and operation by offering a more energy efficient, internally driven design that does not require regularly scheduled maintenance. The in-line motor & gear configuration delivers 96% mechanical efficiency, saving up to 30% in energy costs in comparison to an external conveyor drive.

Maintenance costs are also significantly reduced since there are no moving components outside the conveyor frame. This means no guarding, grease points, or routine maintenance interval requirements, contributing to lower operating costs and reducing output cost per ton.



Increased Reliability

The GrizzlyDrive® drum motor features high quality, precision made components, including heavy duty shafts, bearings, electric motor and gear reducer made for heavy shock load, mechanical seals, and VDG’s patented IronGrip™ lagging system. Engineered for 80,000 hours of operation before maintenance even in harsh, abrasive and demanding environments, the GrizzlyDrive® is the most reliable conveyor drive for the mining and aggregate industry.


vdg drum motors

Increased Safety

Exceeding MSHA industry standards, the GrizzlyDrive® drum motor eliminates the external motor, gearbox, pillow block bearings, chains, and chain guards of an external conveyor drive, which are hazardous to operators and require regular maintenance and downtime. With all moving components enclosed inside the drum, there are no external parts requiring guarding, maintenance, or routine checks, reducing operator contact, and ensuring a safer and more efficient conveyor drive solution.


heavy family

Heavy/Extreme Duty Series Drum Motor Overview


Diameter (inches) HP Range Drum Motor Series Dimensions Specifications
12.5 1.5 to 15 Hp TM315 PDF PDF
16.0 2.0 to 20 Hp TM400 PDF PDF
20 2.0 to 20 Hp TM500A60 PDF PDF
20 15 to 50 Hp TM500A75 PDF PDF
20.0 20 to 75 hp TM500A100 PDF PDF
24.3 20 to 75 hp TM630A100 PDF PDF
31.5 20 to 75 hp TM800A100 PDF PDF
31.5 75 to 200 hp TM800A130 PDF PDF
36.0 200 to 500 hp TM915A160 contact us for details.