A traditional conveyor drive with the external motor, gearbox, pillow block bearings, chains and chain guards require costly routine maintenance intervals with downtime and can be hazardous to work around. The VDG GrizzlyDrive® drum motor houses the motor, gear reducer, and all drive components inside the drum, enclosed and protected from the environment, increasing operator safety. All components are designed for 80,000 hours of operation without maintenance, reducing operating costs.

In addition, the VDG patented IronGrip™ lagging increases belt traction, improves belt tracking, and extends the overall lifespan of the conveyor system. VDG Drum Motors are available up to 500HP, 42-inch diameter and a wide range of options and speeds to suit all types of belt conveyor applications. The GrizzlyDrive® drum motor has a lower cost of ownership, with increased safety, reliability and longevity compared to traditional external motor and gearbox type conveyor drives.


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